Gay Bum – All the Ladies (Love Gay Bum) Live @ Gold Hawk Open Mic

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The King Live @ Open Mic

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A small collection of clips from our London flat, recorded a year ago.


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Holidays are coming,
Holidays are coming,
Holidays are coming,
Holidays are coming…

I hear that song is to be replaced by something rubbish this Christmas, so I thought I’d use it hear instead as a warning that Gay Bum are going on holiday for a few months, so there will be no rock or roll this summer. Sorryz.

Edde is going to Thailand:

Puma is going to Canada:


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To all those who missed Barnfest 2010 – SHAME ON YOU! It was a night to be remembered. Luckily, thanks to the aid of cameras, we can still pretend to remember it (as the cider means most memories are well and truly obliterated). Behold a few shots:

Dr. Steak kicks off Barnfest 2010


Edde with his brother, Will 'Slickfinger' Gamester

Gay Bum bring the thunder

PhillioD on guitar

Horrific amounts of drinking

Rocking Out

Working Man Charles lay waste to Barnfest

Riders of Rohan LIVE!

New Dates!

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Hello and hello to you all. We are pleased to announce 5 new dates for July, between the time Puma gets back from Canada and Edde leaves for Vietnam. All of them are going to be AWESOME, so don’t miss out.

15th July – Nag’s Head, High Wycombe
17th July – Proud Gallery, Camden
18th – Purple Turtle, Camden
21st July – Santiago’s, Leeds
24th – Barnfest, Yorkshire Dales